Circle Theatre engages individuals of all abilities in creative opportunities on and off stage.


To demonstrate to our greater communities the value of including individuals of all abilities and ages to the theatre and arts community, providing a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem to all participants.


We believe people of all abilities deserve access to high quality theatre arts programming both as an audience member and a participant on stage and off.


To support a full creative life for all, Circle Theatre commits to championing policies and practices of cultural equity that empower a just, inclusive and equitable nation, representing all cultures and heritages.

Circle Theatre believes that all people should be represented in the development of arts policy, the nurturing of accessible, thriving venues for expression, and the fair distribution of programmatic, financial and informational resources.

Circle Theatre has a history as rich and diverse as the performances we present to our audiences.

The Theatre was founded by Doug and Lara Marr in 1983 and was the very first independent theater company in Omaha, Nebraska. To off-set operating costs, the Marr’s created “Diner Theater,” and for 16 years their company of talented writers actors and musicians produced over 100 original comedies, dramas and musicals (including Doug Marr’s award-winning series “Phil’s Diner” — which was performed in an actual operating diner!).


Fast-forward to 2016, actor and director Fran Sillau joined Circle Theatre ensemble. Fran’s theatre career started at The Rose Theater in Omaha almost 30 years prior, and he has experience working with the Smithsonian Institute, National Endowment for the Arts, Kennedy Center and more. During a lunch with the Founders, it was decided that Fran would take over Circle Theater.

Fran’s passion is to make the theater accessible to every individual regardless of disability or barrier. To drive this mission, Circle Theatre partners with several area organizations including: Munroe Meyer Institute, VODEC, Wonderfully Made, Gotta Be Me, Ollie Weber Center, Institute for Holocaust Education, Jewish Federation of Omaha, and metro area schools. Circle Theatre provides internship programs, theater education classes, and live performances for our partners. In return, we get to see first-hand lives changed by the theater experience.

“We provide theatre workshops and mentorship opportunities to immerse participants into the creative arts experience. These workshops include: playwriting, acting, directing, costume design, stage management, set design, props and more. Interested participants have the opportunity to use their skills in our Mainstage season.” –Fran

The Jewish Community Center will be the home for Circle Theatre’s MainStage Productions in 2022-2023. Circle Theatre will continue to hold rehearsals for these productions at Hanscom Park United Methodist Church.

Circle Theatre has entertained as well as enlightened and informed audiences by dealing with important issues such as child abuse, disability, aging and loss.

At Circle Theatre, anyone who would like to participate,
on-stage or off-stage, no matter their capability, is welcome.