Circle Theatre provides a unique opportunity for individuals to participate in a wide range of theatre experiences—including play writing, acting, directing, set and prop design, and our Circle Theatre internship program. Individuals have the opportunities to be involved both onstage and offstage in our MainStage season, utilizing the skills learned in theatre sessions.

Current programming partners include: Gotta Be Me, Munroe Meyer Institute, Ollie Webb Center, VODEC and Wonderfully Made.


    The Circle Theatre Internship Program provides avenues for individuals with all abilities to authentically engage in the process of creating theatre. Interested individuals are paired with seasoned theatre professionals who lend their experience in playwriting, directing, stage management, set design, lighting and costuming. Individuals receive on-the-job training complete with opportunities to engage in their own theatrical project. The program is designed for ages 18 and over and receive a “Certificate of Accomplishment” upon completion of the program.


    The Circle Theatre’s Playwriting program pairs budding writers with experienced playwrights to aid and develop new works. Circle Theatre works individually with each writer to nurture their own words into a play or story form, recognizing each writer’s unique creative process.


    Circle Theatre frequently collaborates with regional and national organizations to co-commission the writing and producing of plays of various topics.

    Recent commissions include: “My Broken Doll” and “When We Go Away” with the Institute of Holocaust Education in 2016 and 2021. In 2017 the theatre partnered with author Joy Johnson on the play “The Burned Out Old Broads” on the JCC stage. Future collaborations include a co-commission with the ROSE Theatre and an original work partnering with Debbie Denenberg at Big League Productions in New York City.


OLLIE WEBB CENTER: Circle Theatre director Fran Sillau will be directing plays written and performed by Ollie Webb adults at a “reading” on May 19 at the Hot Shops Art Center. Future work with Ollie Webb will include theatre workshops from plays written by Ollie Webb adults that will be presented in the spring at “Circle Theatre Presents”.

GOTTA BE ME: Circle Theatre is partnering with GBM on a series of playwriting workshops June through August. Participants will showcase their short train plays in an October production titled “The Train Show”.

Circle Theatre is leading costuming workshops with girls from Wonderfully Made. These Costumes will become part of the fall play, “Great American Tall Tale Heroines” on November 19 (7:00), 20 (2:00)pm

MUNROE MEYER INSTITUTE: Circle Theatre and MMI are partnering in a series of 8 theatre workshops to write their own versions of “Tall Tales”. These tales will be performed at the JCC introducing the November fall production.

VODEC: Circle Theatre is leading a series of story telling workshops with the adults at VODEC. These stories will be shared at the spring production of “Circle Theatre Presents”.